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1256 1443 1555 I WENT ON THE COLD WEATHER SURVIVAL COURSE AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ME 1782 1800 1811 1823 Revenge of the cat New Harrier Jet landing on carrier!! Old bar 1 1963 New Harrier lara 2164 2324
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  2. clanky
    **** You Baldy. Lets see your effort then!
  3. Lamri
    Are you owning up to that rubbish then? Should be ashamed of yourself!
  4. clanky
    I look forward to the day you stop spouting crap all he time, you stumpy nomark. Go and fix some bunklights!
  5. Lamri
    Don't do such trivial stuff as Domestics my boy! Far too easy! Judging by that heap, maybe you should go and practice your painting. And measuring. And, oh feck it, throw it away and try again! :D
  6. RN_Commando
    you timber shifting

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