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    Dear angrydoc
    I don't no how to PM on here I'am new so apologies.
    I was MD'd from week 26 royal marine recruit training in august 2008 for low back injury but was deemed fit for a transfer to undertake naval training and a trade of my choice. At the time I had been in training for nearly 2 years and wanted a break. I know wish to rejoin in a navy trade. Will it be hard for me to get passed medically fit? Will it still be in my documents that i was declared fit for navel service. I have it on one of my documents. My back is fine i have only been to the docs once with back pain since and that was a very short isolated incident. Iam fit play rugby and boxing go hiking and have absolutely no issues. Will they still take the decision from the medical boards recommendation in 2008?

    Kind Regards
    Matthew Meadows
  2. Please don't post messages here - I've just found out that this bit exists and now have 4 more messages to answer! Either ask in open forum or PM me - I usually respond within 24 hours (if in the UK).
  3. Dear Angrydoc,

    I am currently awaiting the september medical boards decision RE Medical Cadesthip for entry 2014. Is there any thing I can do between now and then which may help my chances?
    for example If I arranged more RN medical work experience and sent a letter with what I have done down to AIB? Would it make any difference at this stage?

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    Hello AngryDoc

    I have one year left at uni then i want to join the navy, however i have flat feet and have also had a minor operation on my ankle. Although i am fitter than most people i know and go to the gym or play football everyday my flexibility isnt great and i did have problems when i was younger (Mainly because of rapid growth and alot of football).

    Im worried that this will this stop me from getting in?

    Many Thanks
  5. Angrydoc,
    I had my AIB today and passed( Hurrah!) however I dont find out until September RE medic cadetship.

    I was wondering is it possible to still join the navy as a doctor when I graduate on the off chance I don't secure a cadetship?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hello angrydoc. I applied for the marines this time last year, but currently have my application on hold due to an inguinal hernia, which I'm having key hole surgery for at the end of the month. But I've recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism too, and the consultant that I seen is talking of a thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid), which will possibly require me to have a tablet everyday for the rest of my live :/ I would appreciate it if you could shine some light on my situation, whether I'd be permanently classed as unfit, or the use of prescribed meds in rt? Thanks
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