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      People often ask us if there is anything they can do to help out the site. In the past we've asked for donations via paypal and this has been an extremely important means of keeping the site online and allowing us to make the improvements that we have over the years.

      As well as cold hard cash there are plenty of other ways that you can help us make this site better and we've attempted to put together the most important ones on this page.

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      The same team that runs Rum Ration are also responsible for This Tribe; an online shop that provides the highest quality clothing and equipment to police, military and security professionals. By buying from This Tribe you are directly supporting the continued development of this site.

      Using the experience gained from both here and ARRSE we've got get feedback on what does and doesn't work on operations ...
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      You'll have seen that we have a number of banner ads throughout the site that link to Amazon & Ebay. If somebody clicks on one of those banners or links and then buys something we end up with a small percentage of the total order value. This doesn't just apply to the item that was initially shown in the banner but anything else that person then goes on to purchase ...
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      The adverts that you see on Rum Ration are the primary income generator for the site and are the only way we are able to keep it online. We'll always ensure it remains free but are aware that some people dislike adverts and wish there was a way that they could be removed.

      For these people we offer the opportunity to subscribe to an advert-free theme ...